WWE 2k18 Release date, Price, Features and Rumours

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Top 15 facts about WWE 2k18 video Game: Features, Release Date, Trailer, Rumors, Bonus Characters

Anybody who is a hardcore fan of WWE wrestling has always wanted to be in the ring and smack down! But the disclaimer video always was a mood spoiler with their bad sense of humor, mocking our ability to be like the WWE Wrestlers. However, the good news came in 2000 with the introduction of the WWF No Mercy 2000 video game. Since then men and boys alike have been pacifying their adrenaline by playing the game on their gaming console and Xbox. 

WWE 2k18: History

WWE 2k is one of the most successful wrestling game ever. Everything began from long back from 2000 when they launched the first version of WWE game. Last year they have launched WWE 2K17 on October 11, 2016. Talking about WWE2k18, it will be developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts while the 2k Sports will still hold all the rights for publishing it. In this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about this amazing game eg. WWE 2k18 release date, GamePlay, Roaster and fight details.

And now that it is has been almost two decades since the first WWE video game was launched for the first time the game seems more than real. In fact, the controversies surrounding the entry and chalking out of wrestlers from WWE 2k18 are far more than about the actual game. And we aren’t going to be biased and forgo mentioning that some of the boldest and brawny female wrestlers are a part of WWE2k18 video game too!

Here we have got you all the WWE 2k18 latest news at one place:

wwe 2k18 release date

1. WWE 2k18 Release Date

Though there has been an official announcement of the release date of WWE 2k 18. But it is very easily predictable based on the past trends of WWE video games release. Every version releases in the year earlier than the suffix number in the WWE video game name. Just like WWE 2k17 released in the year 2016 during the months of October and November, it is expected that WWE 2k18 Release Date will drop around the same time. One year from the previous release it is expected that WWE 2k 18 release Date will be in October 2017. This will be the exclusive pre-orders and gaming console WWE release. One month later the PC version will come up in November 2017.

2. WWE New Features

WWE 2k18 will certainly have some new things coming up but it is not expected that the game will be totally alien compared to WWE 2k17. This is because as the game is getting more number of versions the scope for adding new features in WWE 2k18 within less than twelve months is very narrow. This is the reason why 2k team is more inclined towards troubleshooting than the introduction of new features. Also, there is a lot of attention towards the list of onboard wrestlers in next WWE and with hardly few months left that issue is the first priority. Nonetheless, some new features like the in match rollout feature of WWE 2k17 will definitely be added to the list of features of WWE 2k 18.

3. WWE 2k18 Price

We cannot say much about the price as WWE games are released every year so price fluctuations are not much refrained from. It is easier to let the price take a dip or be raised for a game that will soon have a new version to come up next year. But after studying the pricing of previous WWE video games it is expected that WWE2k18 price will not fluctuate much and will be around $80 – 85 USD.

4. WWE 2k18 Pre-order &  Bonus Characters

The WWE 2k18 Bonus Characters are the players that will be available only in the editions that have been already booked by fans. Only these particular WWE 2k18 games will have these characters. Some of the passed away wrestlers are also included in the pre-order bonus characters of WWE2k18. We are anticipating that late WWE wrestlers Owen Hart and China might be the pre-order bonus characters of upcoming WWE.

wwe 2k18 trailer, wwe 2k18 wist list, wwe characters

5. WWE 2k18 Rumors

The biggest rumors about WWE 2k18 are regarding the pre-order Bonus characters:

  • CM Punk being added to the list of pre-order bonus character in WWE2k18.

This is the most widespread rumor that it has been confirmed that the legally prosecuted CM Punk might be returning to both WWE2k18 and the wrestling profession. However, there is simply no ground for this rumor.

  • Kurtz Angle is making a comeback to WWE through WWE2k18.

The second rumor is even more unreliable as there are quotations which are against this rumor and not even a single instance favoring it.

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6. WWE 2k18 Wishlist

The predecessors of WWE have had a Showcase and General Manager Mode where the fight’s victories were recorded and newer fights were organized.

WWE2k18 Wishlist Features:

1. The Showcase helped gamers pump up themselves and revisit their victorious matches. This feature of WWE 2k video game was called off last year in next WWE.

2. The General Manger Mode too allowed players to keep a track of the oncoming fights throughout the year and select which wrestlers would fight and which kind of fight and even plan the financial expenditure for each fight. The General Manger Mode has been a long lost feature since WWE 2k08.

All this made the WWE video game more real. It even helped players get to know the game easily.

However, these two were completely called off in the latest version WWE 2k17 and that disappointed many fans who now want these features back. So the top most features as WWE 2k 18 wishlist are Showcase and General Manager Mode.

7. WWE 2k18 Wrestlers

WWE 2k18 characters are the WWE wrestlers who have always had their loyal fan club. Most of the WWE video game wrestlers are there in the video game from the time the first edition released and will continue to be. WWE 2k18 players like Jack Swagger, Big Show, Fandango, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, D Von Dudley, Bret Hart, Edge, John Cena, Arn Anderson, Tatsumi Fujinami, Bam Bam Bigelow etc. will be a part of WWE 2k18 Wrestlers list. Other WWE players such as Sheldon Benjamin are expected to make a comeback in the game and will also be seen in WWE Roster. While the two names added to wrestlers who will not be in upcoming WWE are Lita and Cody Rhodes.

8. WWE2k18 Story

  • WWE fights are live wrestling championships which have trained wrestlers fighting to entertain the audience. They are recorded and telecasted worldwide. Now the same wrestling has been made into a video game and is available as a gaming console game and even a PC game for everyone. The WWE video game is probably the fastest console game that has a new version coming up every year.
  • As we are moving ahead in time so WWE video games are becoming even enthralling. For example, the previous WWE 2k17 game had a brawl feature where the player could jump off the ring in between a fight and behave just like the wrestlers do when they are live!
  • Based on the advancement made by WWE video games every year fans anticipate that WWE 2k18 will also come up with something totally new. Nevertheless, experts don’t agree with this and expect that WWE 2k18 will have some inclusions from the previous versions of WWE games.

9. WWE 2k18 concept and Fights

After the massive response by fans for the inclusion of Showcase and General Manger Mode, it is anticipated that WWE 2k18 Fights will have brawls, different kind of WWE Tournaments, choice of wrestlers, awards for best wrestler and manager etc. The WWE 2k 18 fights will be more than real and will even have better control and newer fighting tactics.

10. WWE Upgrade

WWE 2k18 will have a graphic upgrade in which probably the animation of the game and the control options will be improvised. This WWE Graphic upgrade will make the game look and feel more real.

WWE2k18 will also have an engine upgrade for troubleshooting the loss of control mid fight and this will also make it compatible with the latest gaming console devices.

11. WWE 2k18 Graphics and Images

WWE 2k18 Graphic and Images will be tried to make closer to real. It is a major drawback of WWE 2k video games that they still lag behind when it comes to animation and don’t look that refined. It is expected that with the WWE 2k 18 legends being refreshed even the WWE2k18 logo and WWE graphics get a makeover.

12. WWE 2k18 Release Platforms

WWE system requirements are going to be just like any other console game. WWE 2k18 is expected to be first released for gaming console devices in the month of October this year that is 2o17. System requirements will be PS4, XBox, XBox 360 or even PS3. After the regal release then WWE 2k18 will floor in the market with its PC version.

13. WWE 2k18 Cover

WWE Cover is no less than a WWE belt. The cover image is of the WWE wrestler who has achieved great success in the current year of release of the WWE 2k video game.

WWE Game Success list:
  • Tetsuya Naito the most rapid high ring flyer might be starring on WWE2k18 Cover.
  • AJ Styles is the budding WWE Wrestler who is a nominee for WWE2k18 Cover.
  • Japanese Kazukchika Okada is also a contender for WWE 2k18 Cover.
  • It is expected that Sheldon Benjamin who was not a part of WWE 2k17 will be added to WWE 2k18 wrestlers’ list and might even feature as the cover wrestler.
  • Kewin Owens could also be a WWE2k18 cover wrestler.

14. WWE 2k18 Trailer or WWE 2k18 Roster

WWE_2k18 doesn’t have an official release date yet. The WWE 2k18 Trailer is still to be released. WWE 2k18 Roster will be released once everything about WWE 2k18 is finalized. It can be predicted that WWE 2k18 Trailer will come out very soon as only a few months are left for its release. Below we have an expected list of WWE 2k18 Rosters which might be going to be included with next version of WWE Game. We will let you know as soon as we get any WWE2k18 scoop.

wwe 2k18 rosters, wwe wrestlers, wwe 2k18 characters

15. WWE2k18 Custom music

Now you don’t have to listen what the game wants you to listen and finally WWE2k18 is going to have custom music. This will allow gamers to personalize the music that is played when they are wrestling in WWE video game!

This game is going to come for mainly two platforms eg. Playstation and Xbox. It will be compatible with earlier versions and upcoming PS5 and Scorpio gaming Consoles as well. However, in this era of technology, you can also enjoy this game in 4K.

Hope now your WWE 2k18 excitement has become even more uncontrollable and for such raging WWE2k18 specs keep revisiting for updates!! You can share you suggestion over upcoming wresterlmania by commenting below and if you really a fan of this game than do like and share us from below social buttons. You can also join ou facebook page to get all the news and updates exlusively.

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